Rebuilding Cleveland requires businesses that serve and employ strong household leaders.

Cityweaver consults small businesses to transform under-performing services into profitable and impactful contributions to the community. We offer services in five areas:

Team Teambuilding is the essential first step for strong products and services. We can help you recruit partners and workers, get them trained and organized, and counsel team dynamics issues, such as communication problems. For examples of Cityweaver’s teambuilding experience, click for Stronger Teams blog posts.

Stability We know that the margins for growth in many small businesses is razor thin. We can help you organize your cash flow management, set up a system for investment development, and improve your donor relationships. For examples of Cityweaver’s finance, donations, foundations, and investment experience, click for Financial Stability blog posts.

Service How you design your service will affect how profitable it can be and how well it fulfills your mission to your community. We can help you develop new products and services, launch a project or expand existing products or services. For examples of Cityweaver’s brainstorming, experimenting prowess in designing service, click for Impactful Service blog posts.

Demand Marketing and sales are the so important for the small business that can afford few mistakes with customers. We can help you develop and implement a marketing/sales strategy across areas and demographics, teach you how to position yourself better in your market, and improve your customer service. For examples of Cityweaver’s work in marketing businesses, click for Increase Demand blog posts.

Business Big corporations may have millions to cushion them through the Bear markets, but small businesses that care about their customers and employees aren’t so fortunate. We can help you build a reliable business by mapping your business’ natural cycle and suggesting actions for plentiful and lean times, creating an investment strategy and by teaching you how to make long-term planning a weekly activity in your business. For examples of Cityweaver’s commitment to strong businesses, click for Reliable Business blog posts.